12 Best Festival Bags

12 Best Festival Bags
25/05/2018 sam

You’ve got your ticket, planned getting there and got a list of every band you want to see.  Now you need the right bag to get to the festival and to use whilst you roam around in search of uplifting experiences!

Big Bags

You promise yourself you’ll pack light, but by the time you’ve factored in a few changes of clothes, fancy dress, some comedy hats and a few standout items from our Festival Survival Guide…. You need something substantial to get your essential kit to your tent.

We’ve picked out four firm favourites that look great, won’t break the bank and are definitely durable enough to go the distance. These bigger bags will ensure you’ve got plenty room to stash anything you might be taking in with you.

Festival Backpack

It’s a given that you are going to need a backpack for festival shenanigans. They are useful to carry your necessities (ukulele, platform shoes, dinosaur tail etc…) to your encampment, and once you’re footloose and roaming, that extra carry space means you can stay out all day and night.

These picks are perfectly suited to the rigours of festival life and beyond.

Specialist Bags

Depending on the circumstances you may want something a little more specialised to ensure you are prepared. We’ve picked out four unique bags each with their own benefits.

This is our selection, but check out our full Festival collection and also don’t forget to review our festival survival guide.