2018 Festival Survival Guide

2018 Festival Survival Guide
25/05/2018 conor

Welcome to our 2018 Festival Survival Guide:

With a few simple steps and wise moves, you can quite easily transform your festival experience for the better. Taking the time to plan and execute a strategic packing plan will undoubtedly improve festival life. Having learned the hard way on many occasions, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite festival lifehacks and product picks that will improve your festival experience.

1. Stay hydrated

An obvious place to start that is unfortunately almost always neglected. Staying hydrated is especially important if the sun is shining and will also help with the hangover the next day. We’ve picked out some hard wearing, compact water bottles for you to pack.

2. Minimise toiletries

Packing light is what it’s all about at a festival. Minimising needless amounts of toiletries is a great place to start. The Travel Bottle and Pot Kit is a convenient alternative to taking full-size cosmetics and liquids. You could even use them to stow booze. Don’t forget toilet paper! 

3. Cook your own meals

We’re not heathen, one can still eat gourmet without the  expense of on site festival catering. The compact and portable Kuchoma Barbecue Grill from Primus has been designed to be as light and functional as possible. It’s perfect for bacon sarnies to take the edge off a rough morning. 

4. Select the right carry companion

A bag is a festival essential – normally 2 or 3 are required for different elements of the event experience. Given that we are bag specialists and that this is such an important item, we’ve put together a whole separate guide.

12 Best Festival Bags


Here’s a selection from each of the sections in our bag guide

5. Lights will guide you home

Excuse the Coldplay pun, we couldn’t resist. Reliable and bright lighting to get you back to the tent and to save you from rummaging around in the dark is a lifesaver.  Especially as your phone will have run out of battery filming bands…

6. Get a good night’s kip

Don’t pack a pillow… it just takes up too much room in the car and they’re a pain to carry. The 3-in-2 Omni pillow can be transformed from a neck pillow to a full memory foam pillow that packs into a minimal, compact waterproof pouch.

7. Carry around some (legal) pick me ups

Not much beats a caffeine hit to start the day.  Especially at a festival where it can be just what the doctor ordered to kick the hangover. There’s no need to pack shoddy instant. You can still get great coffee with the Wacaco Nanopresso.  You can either use  pods with the adaptor version, or go all out and take a grinder. Either way you’ve got barista-quality espresso at your fingertips.   

8. Shower and dry off properly

Depending on the festival you’re headed to, you may or may not have the opportunity to shower. If not you’ll most probably be using the old bottle of water technique. Either way, you’re going to need to dry off. We’ve got you covered with some great travelling towels that stow within super portable cases.

Our full Festival Collection has plenty more inspiration covering whatever you’ve got planned this summer: