5 Summer Serveware Styles We Love

5 Summer Serveware Styles We Love
21/07/2017 conor
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5 Summer Serveware Styles We Love

Nothing quite beats having friends over for some good food and drink during the summer months. Cracking open some cold ones or a bottle of fizz after a long week with good pals, before feasting on some of your finest creations. We’ve got some wonderful pieces that’ll blow your friends away and totally take the hassle out of hosting. There’s even a full curated collection for you to sink your teeth into. We’ve got you covered from start to finish… now you’ve got no excuses, get your buddies around and have a ball.

Something for drinks

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Ferm Living Ripple Champagne Saucer Set of 2

Raise a glass using these 1920s inspired,  beautifully elegant, hand blown champagne saucers from Ferm Living. They have a striking and dynamic rib-like rippled surface and have been individually mouth blown. Every piece is therefore unique and slight variations may occur, but we think this adds to the delicate charm and elegance of these vintage-style glasses.

Something to start

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Paxton & Whitfield Fondue Set

A fondue set is for life, not just Christmas… there’s nothing more social or fun as sitting around and hitting a fondue and we mean, who the heck doesn’t love melted garlicy, cheesy goodness! This iconic set from Britain’s leading cheesemongers includes everything you need for an epic cheese feast. The cast iron enamel pan has been beautifully crafted, and whilst looking incredible the pot is durable and mighty strong. The dual fuel burner included with the set keeps the fondue perfectly hot.

Something for the main course

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Crane Cast Iron Saute Pan

From oven to the table, the Crane Cast Iron Saute Pan looks as good as it performs. Cast in France and designed in Great Britain, this cast iron saute pan uses manufacturing techniques from commercial cookware to provide exceptionally high-performance cooking for you home. Place on the table and let your guest dig into your culinary creations.

Something for dessert

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Tokyo Design Studio Nippon Collection

Immediately striking on on the eye, the Nippon collection from Tokyo Designs Studio has been crafted with stylish Japanese-inspired prints which include geometric and wave designs. Serve up some cheesecake on the set of 6 plates or some refreshingly cold ice cream in the bowls.

Something for coffee

Summer Serveware

Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Kettle

And what a high to end the evening on! The Stagg pour-over kettle by Fellow is designed with better coffee in mind. Coffee buffs will recognise that a slow pour is crucial from a brewing perspective to ensure a well-rounded, full-bodied cup of coffee. Place the Stagg on the table and instantly impress your guests with its truly unique elegance.

You can check out the full collection right here… if you’re anything like us, you’ll left wanting everything!

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