Around the Home Highlights

Around the Home Highlights
03/11/2017 conor

Around the Home Highlights

With autumn well into the swing of things; the temperature’s dropping faster than the leafs from the trees. There’s no better reason to spend more time hunkering down indoors. Whilst you’re relaxing inside with the heating on it might be time to think about a few bits and pieces to spruce up your homestead. We’ve been hard at work expanding our Around the Home range, and we sat down with Bear & Bear Co-Founder Sam to discuss some of his picks from the new arrivals…

B & B: Maybe start by explaining a bit about what you do?

SG: I’m the Co-Founder of Bear & Bear and I focus on the product and branding side of the business.  I do my fair share of admin, but I really get excited about new product launches and seeing how customers react to brands I really believe in.

B & B: It’s getting close to Christmas and Bear & Bear have been hard at work bringing in a lot of new brands and expanding categories and ranges, what’s been the strategy behind that?

SG: We view the brands we work with as partners, we’d be an empty website without them.  With that in mind we decided to expand some of the key brands that have worked well for us.

Two great examples are Ferm Living and Nkuku.

Nkuku is such a rare company in that they put an ethical ethos at the heart of a really successful business.  I’m pretty inspired by that, and when you see the scope of their designs and read some of the stories you really feel connected to the artisans.

The photo frames have been a phenomenon for us, I think people are really getting into their photo walls and people often buy in 4‘s and 5’s.

I’m also partial to some cheese, and I think this set of cheese knives seems to blend contemporary and rustic.  They are on my Christmas list for sure:

Ferm Living is a design-led company that have an ethos that really mirrors a lot of our categories, so the range we’ve bought works well across our whole site.   The cereal bowls and side plates are personally my favourite aesthetically, and they are tried and tested every day:

There’s also been a but of a buzz surrounding the Haze Lantern, I seem to remember the Bear & Bear team were pretty excited about it?

B & B:  We get to see most of the products before launch, and we like it all, but every so often something catches our peepers and we’re like “That needs to be in my that in my life”.

That black powder coated metal and wired glass combo is on point.

Ferm Living also has a good range of kids décor and it seems like that’s been a focus recently?

SG:  Ferm Living’s kids décor is fresh and fun.  As a parent I know the value of having things in your kid’s room that look good, it seems to brighten up their little world.

Pieces like the tent and the Mr Snake cushion do exactly that.

B & B: And what about the big time new addition  from Barcelona-based designers Nobodinoz?

SG:  That was quite a big commitment from us as we’ve taken quite a diverse range of product.  But it’s so well designed with organic fabrics and at what I consider affordable prices, so it’s already been popular.  Hardly anybody else in the UK has it, and I love to introduce new brands that established somewhere else into the UK.

One of my favourites is the Oasis Pouff, it just looks so comfortable and I spend quite a lot of time in my child’s room, so it’s important I have somewhere to sit!  The yellow version sold out in 2 days on the website…

I also really like the St Tropez mattresses and the idea of combining a few of them for a bright and interesting look.  I’ve currently got some other matts in my kid’s room and they are definitely due for a style upgrade.

averell cushion nobodinoz

To see all of the above and the rest of our freshest Around the Home pieces, following the link below:

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