Designer Eco-Tourism: Sustainable Architecture For Lodgings

Designer Eco-Tourism: Sustainable Architecture For Lodgings
27/07/2016 Isabelle

Designer Eco-Tourism: We locate lodgings that save the planet with great design

For quite some time eco-tourism has diverged from the perceived notion of a tent in a field where your breakfast of carrots and potatoes is grown onsite.  There are so many incredible travel experiences out there that blend amazing comfort with a truly sustainable ethos. Whilst it can be easier to check-in to a boutique hotel or even a resort (don’t do it) taking a little time to research people who are going the extra mile to help the planet often comes with it’s own rewards. Taking the concept a step further we’ve invented the term “Designer Eco Tourism” to explain some of the places we’ve found that also include the height of architectural aesthetics in the mix. Some of these places come with a price tag, but they are truly inspirational and if you’re planning a trip anywhere near them, absolutely worth a visit.



Island Lodge –  Granada, Nicaragua

From $125-185 per night



Eco Cabanas – Rapa Nui, Easter Island

Rates start at $140 per night for 2 guests based on current Chilean Peso exchange rate


The Pods – Les Cerniers, Switzerland

From 320 to 390 Swiss franks.


Pigeon Bay – Canterbury, New Zealand

Rates are $2595 NZD per night May 1 -Sept 30, $3395 NZD per night Oct 1- Apr 30


Areias do Seixo – Santa Cruz, Portugal

From 265€ per night


Treetop House – Malpais, Costa Rica

Rates are seasonal and start at $675 per night


Historic Boutique Hideaway – Sicily, Italy

From €170 per night


Off-Grid House – Pioneertown, California

$400 /per day, $2500 per week


Villa El Tesoro – Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Starting at $1850.00 per night


Modern Adventure – Thingvellir, Iceland

Starting at 15100 ISK

So that’s our rundown of some designer eco-tourism and proof that if the term hasn’t been used anywhere else, we are claiming it as our own – it is out there.  We’ve focused on the incredibly imagery, but behind every great design, especially one incorporating sustainable principles, there is a great story – so please follow the links to find out more.  We’ve trawled the world (online) to find these gems, and are presently planning our next trip.  Tell us where you’re heading to and what trips you have in mind on twitter @bearbeargifts and share the article if there’s someone you think would like it. 

Happy travels,

Bear  & Bear