Filson Quality: Upcycling with the Restoration Department

Filson Quality: Upcycling with the Restoration Department
26/11/2014 Byte9 Systems

Filson Quality = Lifetime Guarantee

Someone once said that “fashion is temporary, but style is permanent”, and we wholeheartedly believe in that premise at Bear & Bear. We are always looking for durability and robustness wherever we can find it, especially where it makes real sense – your travel kit. Apart from wanting to ensure that your luggage and bags go the distance over time, you do not want to be caught short in some far-flung location with a torn bag.  It’s a common thread within our entire bag selection that the products must be expertly made, it’s just a happy coincidence that our bags tend to look the part as well.

It is testament to their highly focused efforts that Filson can rightly claim the top spot for durability within our current range.  They even offer a lifetime guarantee which highlights the benchmark of Filson quality.  This means a hell of a lot more when you also consider the company has been in existence since 1897 – so they’ve been through a few lifetimes!

Unique Approach to Upcycling

When we went to buy this season’s Filson gear, it came up in conversation that some of the most popular products available in the  London store were 2nd hand items.  Classic Filson bags and briefcases, and even some of the accessories like umbrellas, were even more popular and could command a higher price due to their uniqueness. Filson is a brand that is always moving forward in terms of improving their manufacturing techniques and developing new fabrics and colours, but a lot of their designs are firmly rooted in traditional pattern cutting, sewing and threads. It’s part of the reason I personally love the aesthetic, you can see the time and effort that has gone into creating these products that will last a lifetime.

Filson have now taken this vintage principle one step further with the Restoration Department. This is where a specialist team of renovation gurus bring bags back from the dead.  I received a link to this section on their website about 2 hours ago and already every bag has gone!  So if you want a piece of the action, you are going to have to be quick!  It is incredible to see how much effort has gone into these truly unique products.  They are at the very least collector’s items and bordering on art.  You can see the detail and workmanship that is required to make these bags useable again, and in fact the price seems to reflect the more mending that was needed.  This is the mark of Filson quality, the premium placed on the artesian skills needed to create their products.  If the quality was not so superb in the first place it would not be possible to repair and recover these exceptional bags.

Vintage Value

It is rare for a product such as a bag to increase in value over time. This is a result of the Filson’s quality workmanship and the excellent materials that have been used.  The products are so durable that they are able to develop their own character over time.  For this reason you can consider a Filson bag an investment. It’s a product that will last you a lifetime and improve with time.  Below are some images of my favourite bag from the Restoration Department, but unfortunately it’s been sold.  We have taken the trouble to curate a selection of brand new Filson gear, so perhaps you can find yourself a suitable investment….

Filson Quality Restored Bag

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