A Less Plastic Lifestyle

A Less Plastic Lifestyle
21/11/2018 sam

Want less plastic in your life?

Reducing our impact on the earth is something we care greatly about. In an effort to learn more about how we can change our daily life to meaningfully reduce plastic, we’ve partnered with not-profit environmental organisation City To Sea. This new collection of products is the start of a movement.

At Bear & Bear, as in our normal lives, we are frequently forced to balance commercial and ethical interests. We already donate 1% of our website revenue to conservation through One Percent For the Planet, but we wanted to work more collaboratively.

The team at City To Sea have selected, reviewed and tested all the products in this collection, and 15% of all the sales are being donated to help them to continue producing their award-winning digital campaigns that educate people about marine plastic pollution.

Their cause is to connect our actions to our oceans by reducing plastic pollution at source (see more at Citytosea.org) a, and we are amazed at some of the simple ways we can reduce plastic and improve our lifestyle.

Learn about the first supplier-partners we’re working with:

Wild & Sage Company – Natural Soap + Balms


Time to ditch the shower gel, Wild & Sage are going to change your daily washing routine for good. Manufactured by hand in a barn from ingredients grown in their garden, their soaps and balms are created by a truly artisanal labour of love by Julie and the team. 

A bar of this truly nourishing and fragrant soap will outlast a litre of shower gel. It’s cheaper, better for the environment and much better for your body.

With 8.5% of plastics found on UK beaches coming from the bathroom, this is a great place to start. Once you’ve tried these handmade products there’s no going back.

Ecococonut – Scrub with Natural Fibres

Coconut fibre, or coir, is an amazing natural material that is water resistant and highly durable. By attaching coir to a stainless steel wire, EcoCoconut have created 100% plastic free replacements for functional everyday household objects. Every product is ethically manufactured in Sri Lanka.

The calibre of these robust cleaning tools mean you can rid your kitchen of plastic utensils and embrace environmentally friendly methods with no impact on a hygienic kitchen.

Friendly Soap – Naked Artisanal Shampoo Bars


With the stark warning “every bit of plastic ever made still exists somewhere” Friendly Soap are on a mission. Handmade, natural, vegan, free from pretty much everything, it’s a wonder they work so well. But with exceptional lather and fabulous fragrance, these shampoo bars set the… bar.

We are in awe of their whole approach, including the plastic-free packaging. No cruelty, no parabens, no palm oil and lots of love.


Stop Using Plastic – Bamboo Toothbrushes & Plastic Free Straws


SUP started with fantastic looking carbonised toothbrushes made from 100% biodegradable Mao bamboo. These designs are constantly being  refined and improved, and now there are bamboo and metal drinking straws to compliment the growing anti-plastic range.

SUP is on a mission to rid your life of plastic, better get with the programme…

The Organic Company – Cotton Bags For Life


Beautifully constructed durable organic cotton textiles with Scandinavian style is the hallmark of the Organic Company. Based in Copenhagen, their motto of “It matters” informs their intelligently designed shopping bags.

You’re probably building a collection of totes, but these are designed to last and completely replace even the most durable of plastic bags. They look amazing and are machine washable.

Bambaw – Bamboo Essentials


Bambaw is another team on a mission to eliminate plastic and replace it with ethically sourced bamboo. They’ve created a diverse range including a reusable razor and a replacement for kitchen jay clothes. All wonderfully packaged and plastic free.


Huskup – Reusable Rice Husk Coffee Cups


Huskup craft coffee cups out of rice husks not plastic. Rice husks are biodegradable, BPA free and contain no toxins, it’s even possible to heat them up in the microwave. Teaming up with talented artists to decorate these amazing items is the final masterstroke! 


Raw Foundation – Sustainable Consumption and Production


This charity has an objective of educating, engaging and empowering young people to move towards sustainable consumption and production. Everything they do is systems-focused, solution-oriented and change-driven. They are the natural choice to produce the City To Sea branded cups and bottles.