Bellroy Wallet Review

Bellroy Wallet Review
07/06/2019 sam

Bellroy Wallets Review:

Why We Love Bellroy Wallets:

In our opinion Bellroy wallets are simply the greatest. We’ve tried others, but these highly functional and well-designed wallets offer incredible value given the sustainability credentials and 3 year warrantee.

They are all made from lightweight premium vegetable tanned leather and with functionality at the forefront of their designs.  The entire concept was to reengineer the wallet so that it was slimmer and more durable. Bellroy achieved this using the “nude approach” which removes any unnecessary leather sections and reduces bulk.

Which Wallet?

The biggest issue we’ve had at Bear & Bear is working out which wallet to go for as there is a formidable selection.  We stock the majority of the range, and based  on customer feedback and our own experience we thought a Bellroy Wallet Review was in order. We’ve started with the bifold wallets as they are the most popular.

Note on number of cards: the number of cards that can fit in each wallet is approximate and a guide to reasonable practice. Cards come in different thicknesses, and some people (me included) are happy to load their wallets up. The difference with every Bellroy wallet design is that they are so minimal that you can get far more cards in there without the bulk.

The 4 Bifold Wallets:

Here’s a short film that shows the four different Bellroy Bi-fold wallet options. You can clearly see the different sizes, shapes and what goes in them in this stop motion video shot for us by Sam Firth (

Slim Sleeve: Streamlined

The slimmest dimension bifold wallet at 8cm (w) x 9.5cm (h)

2 less-used cards can be accessed with the pull tab

Notes can be folded and inserted

Fits up to 11 cards plus folded notes

Note Sleeve: All rounder (with RFID)

Second smallest bifold wallet at 10.3cm (w) x 8.5cm (h). All Bellroy wallets arrive in the card envelope packaging pictured

Features the pull tab functionality for infrequently used cards

Notes can be inserted without folding. Also has a section for coins

Space for 3 quick access cards. I personally fit 15 cards in this wallet

Hide & Seek: Security Conscious (with RFID)

The largest of the bifold wallets at 11.5cm (w) x 9.5cm (h), there's plenty of room for cards and cash

Hidden section to conceal larger notes

Hidden card pocket with RFID protection in addition to quick access slots

Secure wallet with plenty of space for 13 cards

Coin Fold: Multi-feature

The closing coin pocket makes this bifold wallet measure in at 11.5cm (w) x 9cm (h)

If you often have loose change, then this is a great option

Another nifty feature is the sim card slot, useful if you travel a lot

Coin space reduces card carrying capacity, but 8 cards can still easily fit

That is our review of Bellroy’s bifold wallets. We’ve kept it concise so you can quickly and easily work out which one of these superlative wallets is the right one for you.  Some final thoughts:

Slim Sleeve Wallet: The most paired back, this is a great choice if you’re looking for a slim silhouette. The only downside is needing to fold notes to fit them in the wallet.

Note Sleeve Wallet: This has a bit of everything, it’s compact, plenty of space, can fit some coins and lots of cards. Now with RFID, it’s also got some added security.

Hide & Seek Wallet: Great functionality and if you are concerned about security then the RFID and hidden note compartment are top class additions and worth the slight size increase.

Coin Fold Wallet: If you do carry loose change in your wallet, then this has the functionality to deal with it, but you do have less space for cards.

In the end, I personally went for the Note Sleeve as I felt that covered all the bases and offered the key functionality I wanted in a compact size. All in all you really can’t go wrong with whichever Bellroy wallet you select as they are all excellent quality.

Here’s a table with a summary of our findings: