The Ultimate Birthday Buying Guide

The Ultimate Birthday Buying Guide
27/09/2018 conor

Gifting made easy…

Birthday season is officially upon us… that’s right, birthday season. More babies are born late September, early October than any other time of the year. The reason, Christmas cuddles of course!

Purchasing birthday presents can be a fickle old business. Bear & Bear Co-founder and gift selector extraordinaire, Sam, has stepped up to the plate to give you a helping nudge.

It’s birthday season (mine has just gone – I got socks!) and there are no doubt a bunch of people you need to buy presents for. One of the fundamental reasons for our existence at Bear & Bear is to provide an easy way to get something for whoever you’re buying for at a reasonable price.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for someone close to your heart (that will also make you look like a legend when they unwrap it), then you’re reading the right article!

I am going to guide you through some of the best birthday presents on Bear & Bear and give you a few tips on how to choose the right gift. Pretty much everything on the website works as a gift, but in the spirit of great curating, I’ve picked out a selection of products that are guaranteed winners.

Thousand Helmets have the best bicycle lids out there in my opinion. They are stylish with some amazing features including a magnetic easy release strap and anti-theft Poplock technology. These are not for the lycra clad road cyclist, but for the cruising, chilled, cyclist about town. Perfectly unisex and beautifully priced. Stealth Black is one of the freshest colours to the range and doesn’t look slick?!

Striking on the eye, the Fellow Joey is a one of a kind coffee mug. Whilst the ceramic design and copper base combination looks incredible, it does more than just being aesthetically beautiful. The double wall feature design keeps the outside of the mug cool, so you don’t need to worry about burning your hand on a hot cup of speciality coffee.

The world’s most powerful, compact and convenient espresso machine has just been made even more epic. The Nanopresso has a newly designed pumping system that can produce up to 18 bars (261 PSI) of pressure, that will perfectly extract your coffee. This is more pressure than most home espresso machines. This additional pressure produces an incredible coffee extraction that brews a beautiful shot of coffee, complete with a thick, creamy layer of crema.

I don’t need much of an excuse to drink whisky with someone and these stylish glasses are designed to improve flavour.  It helps that they look like drinking receptacles from the future.  They also come packed in a box that looks like a bottle of whisky which is a lovely touch.

I’ve given this as a gift twice already this year.  It’s so thoughtfully designed and robust that I know it’s going to be really appreciated when the time comes to use it. Perfect for everyday carry in the outdoors.

Cheese and wine is a winning combination, do not trust anyone who disagrees with this statement.  But keep those in the know close with this excellent combination developed by England’s oldest cheese shop – Paxton and Whitfield. This two piece set is extremely functional with a suave gift box included.

The Hide & Seek wallet from Bellroy is a great option for the guys. It has been specifically designed to rid the world of horrible, bulky wallets.  It is made from premium full-grain vegetable tanned leathers and retains a slim profile for minimum bulk with smartly designed storage compartments.

The whole Aer range is amazingly well designed and constructed.  But I’ve picked this one as it’s perfect for someone who likes to travel a lot for pleasure or work on short trips. It looks the business and has got too many great features to list. Admittedly a highish price point (unless it’s for a partner), however, this is a winning bag and a phenomenal present to receive.

This one is for all of the yogi’s out there. The Ultralight YOGO Mat 2.0 is a slim travel mat with a carry handle and origami folding design. Whether you are doing an intense Ashtanga practice, Restorative yoga, or just a regular workout it can handle the lot.

Check out our full birthday collection for even more inspiration. Curated to a variety of tastes and budgets from both our Around the Home and Out + About categories. If you’re still not sure, get in touch with our 5* customer service who can take you through each suggestion.