Top 10 2018 Outdoor Products

Top 10 2018 Outdoor Products
15/06/2018 conor

Great gear for the great outdoors

We live for the outdoors. We relish everything about it; the exploration, head-space and beauty. Working with a variety of incredible outdoor brands and artisans, each piece from our outdoor selection provides unrivalled function in their field. Here, we highlight some of our favourite pieces from our 2018 range. Each piece is brilliant in its own way and will change your outdoor life forever.

Groundbreaking ultra-lightweight, durable and packable outdoor chair weighing just 890g

10-in-1 camping and outdoor cutlery and tool unit crafted from lightweight aerospace grade titanium

Innovative 2-in-1 travel toothbrush with an integrated toothpaste pump, perfectly sized for bags and backpacks

Portable fire pit crafted from powder-coated steel with a cooking grate for open flame cooking or use with apparatus

Dual use portable lantern and phone charger, producing a phenomenal 150 lumen output

Vintage-inspired 23L rugged twill backpack with expansion panel and drawstring closure

20 can capacity drinks and food cooler with water-resistant body and comfortable backpack construction

Superbly compact and lightweight, eco-friendly travel yoga mat – take your yoga practice wherever you go

4L canvas toiletry bag with a large main compartment and internal zippered organisational storage pockets

Easy access hammock and netting combo – sleep soundly in this anti-mosquito fortress wherever you hang your bed

Prepare for any outdoor weather with our full selection of outdoor essentials. With the correct kit, tackling the great outdoors will be a walk in the park (but more adventurous, obviously).