Top Ten: Ideas For Corporate Gifts

Top Ten: Ideas For Corporate Gifts
01/11/2019 sam
ideas for corporate gifts

If you need a gift for a client or to reward a team, then read our comprehensive guide to ideas for corporate gifts. We cover 10 ideas so you’re sure to find something that will deliver the desired response: happiness.

To make things simple we’ve broken it down into 10 ideas:

Reusable Cups & Bottles, The Eco Conscious,  The Coffee Aficionado, The Business Tripper, The Trendsetter, The Working Parent, The Executive, The Lover Of The Great Outdoors, The Homebody & One For Everyone,.

Alongside planning the most unique and innovative Christmas party on a tight budget and getting a Secret Santa for the random team member you’ve been assigned – you need to find the perfect corporate gifts. It might be to thank your favourite clients or reward team performance, whatever the reason, Christmas is a great time to remind people in your working life that they matter.

Remember: If you can get your order in early we can arrange personalisation and your company branding on some of the items.  Get in touch to find out more about how we can take stress out of corporate gifting so you can focus on your day job!  Let us be your delegated gifting department this year.

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Reusable Cups & Bottles

This is top of the list as it’s a really popular option for companies looking to reward teams and be a little more socially responsible.

There are some big wins with this idea. It’s cost effective if you need to buy multiple gifts for an internal or client team. Plus it presents a sustainable angle to gift giving and offers the chance to either mix and match colours for some personalisation, or even product types.

For instance, if someone is a known gym goer then get them the Ultralight from 24Bottles, if they are outdoorsy then HydroFlask is a great way to go, otherwise the RCup is a hugely popular cup made from recycled bottles.

The Eco Conscious

We’ve tracked down and tested a range of plastic free alternatives, and as a result have a strong selection of excellent gifts in this department. For any client that has a strong socially responsible agenda these are ideal gifts. You can give something that’s going to make a difference every time they use it and all of these products have a story to tell:

From Wild Sage there’s a delightful pack of soap.  Hand made in the UK from ingredients grown in the garden this soap is especially foamy and moisturising.

A Slice of Green have developed a range of steel food containers that are perfect for a packed lunch.

Abeego are tried and personally tested alternatives to cling film. They are truly remarkable and get used daily in our house.

Bambaw and Ecoconuts are two companies using sustainably sourced and easy-to-grow alternatives to create amazing products that we use daily around our home.

The Coffee Aficionado

Most work environments are powered by caffeine, so chances are that something from our superlative coffee section will suit.  We are self-confessed artisanal coffee addicts and proud of it!

Whilst you may laugh in our faces as we wax lyrical about “notes of grapefruit” in our coffee, you’ll be thanking us come Christmas gifting as we have a fine selection of goodies up our sleeve.

The Nanopresso is a revolution in coffee preparation on the go.  With it’s high pressure pump and compact dimensions it is the best way to guarantee amazing espresso on the move. There’s a range of accessories to choose from so you can build the perfect caffeination kit.

If you need a gift for someone who is serious about upgrading their coffee experience, then the XF Pour over kit is a tool they are going to want.  Tried and tested, combining this instrument with the Stagg kettle for some pour over perfection is a revelation that they are going to thank you for.

The Business Tripper

We’re still not sure if business travel offers a welcome break from the office or journeys to locations you never get to really experience, but it’s part of the job for many of us.  Our motto for business trips is: if you’re going to do it, do it right from start to finish. As a result we have compiled some cracking bits that are going to be appreciated by any regular travel.

The top travel tip is the travel steamer. If crisply ironed clothes are par for the course, then this is the kit that you should be carrying. No more stressful late night/early morning requests to reception for the single iron in the hotel. 

Next up is a battle of the travel pillows.  We have Ostrich Pillow vs the Omni. They are both impeccably designed travel accessories that are a huge step up from anything you can get last minute in an airport. The Omni has the advantage of 3 different pillow shapes in one compact form, whereas the Ostrich has a certain stylish charm that makes you want to show it off.

Which one is perfect for your jet-lagged and travel weary recipient?

If you’re looking for a little something as a token of gratitude for someone who’s often on the road or to show appreciation for a team, then there are some smaller items which might be more suitable:

The Trendsetter

Need a gift for a client or top performer who’s a bit of a fashionista? You cannot go wrong with something from our carry range. We have a range of bags and wallets that would make Paul Smith pen a thank you card.

At one end of the spectrum we have the hip and affordable Rains range, and on the other the rugged and sophisticated Filson collection, with plenty in between.

The great thing is that everyone could do with a new bag or wallet, so with a budget over £60 you are sure to bag a winner.


The Working Parent

There are lots of working people out there with kids, but some are really into them! If you need a gift for someone who’d probably rather have a present for their child than themselves, then we have a couple of surefire winners. This will likely result in more stories about their progeny, but at least they’ll be happy, and that’s what really counts.

As we recently discovered whilst road testing one of these posters, they are immense fun for all ages (parents included). The posters are a great way to get people together, and the smaller bits keep younger ones quiet during meals without any screen time. The pens are truly magical additions as well, the white ones do amazing things!

It’s not hard to see why these cuddly toys are such a hit with kids. They are charming and instantly likeable, not to mention soft and stylish. If you have an inkling as to the child’s persona then you can try and match them up with an appropriate one. Whichever you choose, they are going to be an immediate favourite.

The Executive

Need something for the person who is always dressed to impress and carries a refined sense of style?  What to get the person who’s hard to impress? We’ve got some ideas:

This set of 2 double-walled whisky glasses are designed to enhance the flavour of the drink inside. Every effort has been made to enable the ultimate drinking experience. What’s more they come gift packed in what looks like a whisky bottle canister.

Blurring that delicate boundary between novelty and innovation,  this levitating planter is a perfect desk ornament. Designed in Sweden, the gentle rotation ensures the plant received optimised nutrient absorption. It’s a tactile and impressive item that will turn heads.

This heavyweight desk globe has a solid brass frame and is a classy and timeless addition to a desk or shelf. Perfect for a well-travelled, globetrotting client or high-achiever.

The Lover Of The Great Outdoors

Being lovers of the great yonder ourselves, we are avid explorers and have a fascination with all instruments that can improve the experience. There’s a finely honed selection of excellence to choose from, so you should have no problem finding the perfect present.

Portable grills, packable bags, log carriers, durable back packs, epic sun tents, superlative blankets… the list goes on. If you need something for a lover of the great outdoors, then we have you covered.

The Homebody

If there’s a client or team mate whose home is their castle then there’s a great chance you’ll find something to impress amongst our carefully curated range.

From unique and carefully constructed wire animal heads to minimalist inspired Scandinavian planters, there’s an item that’s going to be appreciated by anyone who cares for their home. You just need a couple of pointers on their style and you are good to go!

One For Everyone

Sometimes you have a tricky customer, one that you just can’t tell how they’ll react to being labelled, or perhaps you want to be prepared with something in the bag in case of a last minute requirement?  This is one of our most popular products of the year, and it’s a no brainer. Everyone could do with one of these, and if they really don’t like it, it’s the perfect re-gift for them to pass on, so you’re covered either way.

The Notabag is an innovation in bag design that is deceptively simple and leaves you amazed it’s not been done before!  Folding down to a tiny size, it can act as a back pack or tote bag, giving unbelievable flexibility when you need it.  Perfect for shopping, travelling, parenting and just about any time you require some additional carry space without warning!


That completes our rundown of ideas for corporate gifts. We’ll keep adding to this journal as our range grows. If you have any questions about quantity discounts or personalisation, then please get in contact and we’d be happy to assist.

For other ideas, check out our list of top 10 products we use every day: