Top 12 Travel Accessories

Top 12 Travel Accessories
11/01/2019 conor

Your ticket to an easier journey

We’ve done our fair share of travelling be that for business or pleasure, domestic or further afield. Delays, long layovers, road tripping, island hopping, inter-railing – we’ve done the lot. Amazing experiences and some, not so much. Whilst the destination and friends offer sanctuary from what may come, the actual travelling itself can be one heck of a chore.

Drawing inspiration from each and every adventure, we set about sourcing the best travel hacking companions that totally eliminate the stress or unpleasantness from any trip – from breezing airport security to settling down for a snooze or staying hydrated during transit! These are our top 12 ultimate companions for the road.

You wouldn’t let your clothes look dishevelled or creased at home, so why would you on holiday?! The Grey Cirrus No.2 Steamer combines unparalleled style and function. This steamer makes quick work of removing any creases. What’s more, it steams at 100 degrees, so it also cleans any lurking bacteria. For those that need speed and efficiency whilst on the go, this steamer boasts a start-up time of 25 seconds.

A good kip in transit can make or break for the start of any trip. Be the envy of every traveller with this exceedingly comfy travel pillow. Confidently exhibiting an elegant and stylish design, this midnight grey pillow is not only extremely fashionable but is highly functional. Offering natural neck support and unparalleled comfort, you will be able to effortlessly rest your eyes anywhere.

Avoid the heart-sinking mad pat-down to find your passport, boarding pass and travel documents. Fit all of your travel documents into one pocket with Bellroy’s Travel Wallet. Crafted with convenience in mind, you will no longer need to stress-fully shuffle through your bags to find the documents you need. The wallet holds 4-10+ cards, your passport, tickets & bills. It also comes stored with a micro travel pen so that you have everything you could possibly need to hand. 

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    Matador Flat Pack Toiletry Challenge

    FlatPak Toiletry Bottles (3-pack)

    Set of three 90ml carry-on approved travel bottles designed to dramatically reduce bulk and weight when travelling

A revolution in travelling light, the FlatPak Bottle Set from Matador is the solution for carry-on toiletry liquids. The set includes 3 90ml carry-on approved bottles that have been designed using welded Cordura® with a proprietary coating. Not only does it make saving space easier, but allows you to travel with your favourite toiletries rather than last minute mini bottles from the airport.

It’s the classic comedy sketch – sitting on it, jumping on it, sometimes we just try to pack too much into our suitcase. Redefining refinement in travel, the Spacepak allows you to compactly pack your clothes when you travel, giving you better organisation and more space in your suitcase or hand-luggage.

When it comes to business travel, organisation is key. Having the ability to make use of those hours spent in transit can leave you arriving at your destination fully prepped. The Rhum Mod 3 Laptop case by This Is Ground will revolutionise your carry strategy. It features a tailored 13” laptop sleeve, an iPad pocket and a phone pocket, for keeping all your tech essentials in one place. It has multiple custom-made interior compartments and a wider outer stow pocket for documents and accessories that need to be within easy reach.

If you’re heading off some solace by the seaside, you’re going to take this handy beach to bag with you for the day trips. The Droplet is made of 100% polyester, is 100% waterproof and uses a drawstring closure to keep valuables dry. It is ideal for stowing away your wallet or small electricals at the beach to prevent them from getting wet. Better yet its 3-litre capacity means it is large enough to hold wet swimming costumes or sweaty gym clothes that need separating from your luggage.


Staying hydrated whilst flying is hugely important to how you will feel when departing the plane. The typical humidity level of a cabin hovers around 10-20% (drier than the Sahara) thanks to the plane’s air circulation system. The all-new thermal Clima Bottle has been designed with a double-walled body. This design keeps your favourite hot beverage hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

And how much of a nightmare can tangled wires when you’re on the move? The Tech Dopp Kit 2 Grande has been crafted from the most premium and durable of leathers with an integrated zip-up organiser. Depending on your requirements for the day or your trip, the Tech Dopp Kit 2 Grande offers an incredibly diverse range of abilities and if you’re anything like us and travel with an ever-changing arsenal of tech, gadgets and cables, the Tech Dopp Kit 2 Grande will change your organising forever.

If you’re into yoga and fitness, taking equipment on any trip can be a chore. The Ultralight YOGO Mat 2.0 is a slim travel mat with a carry handle and origami folding for you to take yoga anywhere. Whether you are doing an intense Ashtanga practice, Restorative yoga, or just a regular workout, the double sided high traction surface, prevents you from slipping between postures.

Keep all of your toiletries and make-up to hand with this fun and elegant pineapple print make-up bag. It has been crafted using a durable water-resistant canvas construction and printed using eco-ink. The main compartment is super spacious with a smaller internal pocket. The piece is finished with a contrasting gold YKK zipper and genuine leather embossed branding.

The Trapper Dopp Kit is a stylish and compact toiletry bag that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Crafted with top-quality 16oz waxed canvas that is treated against water and stains, it is certain to pass the tests of good use and time. Its foldable compact design and subtle blue colour makes it ideal for travelling – whether it’s a city break or outdoor adventure.

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