Wacaco Nanopresso Review: The Right Roast Unboxing & Nanopresso Hacks

Wacaco Nanopresso Review: The Right Roast Unboxing & Nanopresso Hacks
22/11/2019 conor

Wacaco Nanopresso Review & Buying Guide

Wacaco know what it takes to make amazing espressos on the go.  Since the launch of the insanely popular Minipresso, they’ve been refining and developing the range. Being coffee aficionados we felt it was high time to do a Nanopresso review and buying guide to help you through the growing range of accessories.

We then pass the mic over to Tim Rogg from the Right Roast who has done a detailed video review of the Nanopresso and highlights a number of tips. Tim has made it his mission to visit independent coffee shops all over the world to sample their wares, so we could think of no-one better to put the Nanopresso through its paces.

The Nanopresso is a compact hand-powered, portable espresso machine produces up to 18 bars (261 PSI) of pressure for a rich, bold, creamy espresso. It’s available in classic black or patrol orange and includes a case, cup and scoop.

Nanopresso Accessories

The Nanovessel

To get the most out of your on-the-go coffee experience, the accessories that Wacaco have developed are first-rate. The Nanovessel, keeps your previously boiled water hot for when you need it. It has 3-in-1 functionality acting as a tumbler, tea infuser and water tank all in one! See the video below.

The Barista Kit

The Barista Kit is the perfect addition if you are looking to brew up double espressos as it provides additional grain and water capacity. It can be combined with the Nanovessel (photos below). There are a few pieces included in the Barista kit, see the video below for a full run through.

The Capsule Adaptor

If you are a Nespresso fan, then this is for you.  It allows you to  insert your favourite flavours directly into the Nanopresso. It’s a great addition because it’s just an attachment, so you can keep a couple of capsules in reserve if you run out of grains and still have an espresso on the go.

Full Wacaco Range

The Minipresso

Please note that we have discontinued selling the Minipresso.  Whilst it was a great product in its time, the Nanopresso is far superior in every way, so in our opinion is easily worth the minimal increase in price!

Not as compact or powerful as the new improved version, you are better off to pay the extra money to get caffeinated on the move. This is the GR version that uses coffee grounds and not capsules.

This Minipresso NS takes only Nespresso capsules, which is a great option for someone who wants espresso on the go, but the NS adapter for the Nanopresso gives you that option as well. Buy once, buy well!

The Right Roast Nanopresso Review & Tips

Tim Rogg runs The Right Roast which is THE place you want to go to get your coffee beans:

The Right Roast

He’s filmed a short unboxing video and gathered together a bunch of useful tips following a more extended period of use that he’s shared with us below.

Over to Tim:

Whilst I’m not really an espresso guy, my preference is a filtered coffee (as you can see by my videos), I’m into the Nanopresso and can see the benefits.  After shooting the video I’ve used it a number of times and come up with some useful tips that I think will get you on the path to a great coffee:

    • Don’t grind your coffee too fine. It needs to be more like ground salt, and not fine like dust to get the best extraction.
    • Pre heat the machine – simply pump some hot water through to preheat the Nanopresso. This will leave you with a hotter final shot, better extraction, and richer crema.
    • Pump every second, no faster. You can check to see if the pump speed is right by checking the colour of the water in the tank after use. If it is not clear and a bit murky, you have been pumping too fast and coffee is being passed back through.
    • Clean after every use. Wait a few minutes after extraction and your espresso puck will be nice and dry for an easy clean up.  One wack of the filter basket should do it!
    • Make sure the nozzle is clean and clear for a perfect pour and crema.
    • Add a trickle of sparkling water to the water tank, along with regular still water, this will help to create a causes a quick release of carbon dioxide which is what crema is composed of.  You can get a nice extra frothy head on your shot this way!