Bear & Bear Kids Department Gets Refreshed

Bear & Bear Kids Department Gets Refreshed
18/11/2015 Byte9 Systems

Bear & Bear’s Kids Department Receives Guest Curation

Bear & Bear have had a Kids Department since the beginning, but we’d be the first to admit it was a work in progress.  We saw the opportunity to give our Kids Department a massive overhaul with the guidance of a talented guest curator who is in the perfect position to provide some sage advice.  Francesca is the wife of one of the Bears (she actually came up with the name of the website) and Head of Buying and Merchandising for Surfdome.  She is currently on maternity leave and whilst browsing the interweb found that there weren’t any websites with a nicely curated selection of kids gifts.  We don’t miss a trick at Bear & Bear, so we got her view on what would make an inspiring selection for a Kids Department:

“I was searching for items that children will cherish forever and parents would be proud to display in their homes. I’ve selected products that are high quality and will last a long time, possibly forever. I like to imagine that the child’s face will just light up when they walk into a room with all these amazing toys and cushions. I find there’s a temptation to decorate your kids bedrooms in quite a neutral tone because it’s the general trend for homes. But I feel it’s important to create an environment where your child will love to spend time, and that means introducing fun themes and bright colours.”

Francesca’s advice helped us to keep this selection really refined so you don’t need to trawl through pages and pages searching for the perfect gift. The age range is from newborns to toddlers, and there are lots of different price points to suit all budgets.

Here are some of Francesca’s personal favourites:

Little Julius the Dog by Moulin Roty – £20.00

This is one that is close to my heart as our son, Alfie, has one and sleeps with it in his cot every night. This is a perfect companion by Moulin Roty that can be cuddled and loved for years to come.

Wonder Walker by Hape Toys – £90.00

A baby walker is a great way to assist a baby take its first steps. This walker looks very well made, I love the look of it and the fact there are things to play with on the walker so younger babies can also play with it before they are ready to walk.  Plus, I love wooden toys for children, they are much nicer than plastic toys even if they can be a bit more expensive.





I just think this is so cute and unique. There are lots of dress up toys with dolls out there but I haven’t seen one with such cute soft toys rather than dolls.


RICEHAWKING PLUSHTOY by Noodoll – £18.00

The whole of the Noodoll range makes me smile each time I see it but this “rice hawking” character is my favourite!


PLANE CUSHION by Ferm Living – £30.00

I love the mix of pastel and bold colours in the whole of the Ferm Living range. Using some of the cushions and blankets from Ferm Living you could make a calm but fun environment in a child’s bedroom. It’s important that children have a calm environment to be in before they go to sleep each night. Ferm Living have done a great job in designing products that can help you create this environment with a stylish and fun twist.

SNAKE CUSHION by Ferm living – £92.00

I love this snake cushion because it’s as tall as an adult. It would really stand out in a bedroom and is fun to have from baby through to older child. It offers great padding and is ideal to use in a little reading nook.

SHAPE SORTERS by Hape Toys – £10.00

Shape sorters are great for a child’s development. This one from Hape is the nicest I’ve seen. Hape make toys that you will love as much as your children. They look so nice that you would be proud to have them on display.

Alongside Francesca’s picks, here are some of Bear & Bear’s personal favourites:

Red Ride-on Tractor Toy by Moulin Roty – £160.00

Probably one of the coolest toys around, this ride-on tractor by Moulin Roty looks sensational and makes the perfect toy for your toddler to enjoy!  It is made from solid beech wood from forests that are ecologically managed. Sorry, but it doesn’t come in adult sizes…

Hanging Wall Storage by Farg Form – £13.00

This handy wall storage basket by Farg Form can be hung next to a baby changing area or above the bed for quick access to bedroom or nursery accessories. Stow away those small items that you or your little one always need within easy reach. Perfect for wet wipes, pens or small toys.


Kids Cooking Collection by Plan Toys – £20.00

The creative cooking set of pots and pans by Plan Toys will encourage imaginative play time.  This fun and creative cooking utensils set includes everything to whip up a tasty (make-believe) meal!

Kids Play Tent by Ferm Living – £119.00

Open up a whole new world of imagination for your kids with this Play Tent by Ferm Living.  Imagine the endless stories they will create and enact! You can use this for indoor or outdoor play.



There are more brands being added all the time.  For more inspiration check out the entire children’s section here.



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