Ultimate Guide to Lomography Classic Cameras

Ultimate Guide to Lomography Classic Cameras
29/05/2015 Byte9 Systems

Step-by-step run through of the dynamic collection of Lomography classic cameras – Lomo made easy! 

Lomography are the heroes of analogue cameras having pretty much single-handedly brought them back into common use.  However, their success and drive for innovation has resulted in a rather awe-inspiring collection.  It can be hard to figure out what the differences are between the cameras and therefore which one is right for you. With such a selection of Lomography cameras available we thought it best to break them down into bite-sized chunks starting with the Lomography Classic Cameras – basic analogue cameras but with the Lomography twist. We have even included a list of definitions if you stumble over a camera-techy word and need a little simplification either click on the word or view our complete glossary here.

We will be covering the Instant and Specials collections in future weeks, but we’ve started with the basics and we’ll take it from there.  Please contact us if you’ve got any questions or comments at [email protected].


Diana F+ & Flash

The Diana F+ is Lomography’s take on the classic and inexpensive Diana box-camera created in the 1960s in Hong Kong by the Great Wall Plastic Factory. It is their most popular camera and a favourite for first timers.

Lomography have kept the same retro look and radiant results but with more features. You can now take pin-hole photos to create a whole new style of snaps, choose between two shutter speeds and as the rewind and shutter are separate you are able to take as many shots on the same frame as you desire (multiple exposure). The lens itself still creates those classic dreamy lo-fi pictures with vignettes edges and soft focused images. Attach your Diana to a tripod, combine with the shutter lock and cable release to create awesome long-exposure photos. Use the colour gel filters to really give your photos the Diana stamp.


  • 120mm Film

You can take 12 full-frame square shots (5.2 x 5.2cm) or 16 smaller square images (4.2 x 4.2cm)

Best For:

Versatility – the Diana F+ enables you to change the back to shoot with 35mm film or even instant film.  It has interchangeable lenses (can be purchased separately) that give you more options depending on your subject matter. This is a great first Lomography camera as it allows you to develop your skills and experiment with different formats.

Price Range:

£60.00 – £79.00

Chose from our selection of Diana F+ Styles (same features different cases):



Diana Mini

The Diana Mini is Lomography’s response to a customer demand for a smaller more compact camera. One that can sit happily in your bag so you are always ready to capture that perfect moment. The Mini defines Lomography’s motto – it allows you to not think and simply shoot.

The Diana Mini still has multiple exposure possibilities, as well as a tripod mount and cable release so you can perfect your long exposure shots.


  • 35mm Film (the most common and assessable film type)

With the flick of a switch you can switch between square photos or half frame mode allowing you to take anywhere between 36 and 72 images per roll.

Best For:

Quick snapping – this is a travel favourite as it’s small and easy to take on trips in a day bag. It’s also popular as a daily camera to have in your bag when you’re out and about and see that perfect shot.  Whilst it can be a handy addition to your Lomography camera collection, it’s also great a first foray in the world of analogue photography.

Price Range: 

£69.00 – £89.00

Chose from our selection of Diana Mini Styles (same features different cases):


Belair X 6-12 City Slicker Camera

The Belair is the premium older cousin to the classic Diana. Not for the novice photographer but for those of you ready to branch out experiment and create breadth taking 6×12 panorama shots with the Lomography twist. This Medium format camera is totally original, from its automatic shutter settings to the exchangeable lens system. Be prepared to be blown away by the possibilities and the results!

Medium Format cameras are usually bulky and the process of transporting it to a prime shooting location is a fully fledged mission. Lomography has developed a reliable fold out bellows system to allow the Belair X 6-12 to conveniently collapse to a portable size!

The exchangeable lens system (with the potential for more lenses to be released) opens up a whole new world of opportunity and experimentation!

The breakdown:

  • 120mm Film – perfect for medium format cameras!
  • Three types of photos: 6×12 panoramic shots, 6×9 photos and 6×6 square photos.
  • Two high quality glass lenses (an upgrade from the Diana and the Lomography staple plastic lens): 90mmm & 58mm
  • Hot shoe for easy flash attachment.
  • The bulb setting allows for both long exposure and multiple exposure shots. On Bulb mode the shot will be exposed for as long as you keep the shutter pressed.
  • It has an extensive ISO range from 50-1600.
  • The Auto- Exposure range is EV4 – EV15: once the correct film sensitivity is set the Belair calculates this auto-exposure range just before the shutter is released so that the photos turn out neither dark, nor overexposed.

Best For:

Serious snappers – It might be your first time with Lomography, but chances are you, or the intended recipient, is really into their photography.  Shooting with this camera is still a really fun endeavour, but the quality of the photos is a cut above the other cameras in the classic range.



Belair 6×6 Shots 

Belair 6×9 Shots

Belair 6×12 Shots

So that is our rundown of the Lomography Classic Cameras that are available.  Hopefully that’s a clear guide as to the best camera for you from this collection.

Like what you see? Head straight on over to Bear & Bear to get your camera and get shooting.

If you like the idea of an instant analogue camera check out our blog next week where we take your through the top Lomography choices!


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