Analogue Heroes: Lomography Fisheye 2 Tips

Analogue Heroes: Lomography Fisheye 2 Tips
07/07/2016 Byte9 Systems

Analogue Heroes: Lomography Fisheye 2 Tips & Tricks

In our latest instalment for Lomography – Analogue Heroes: Lomography Fisheye 2 Tips & Tricks – our intrepid explorer, Ben Jones, talks us through a selection of photos he’s taken over the last few months in the mountains, city and beach.

Ben is a very accomplished photographer, and the point of these posts are to get some insight into how he works the camera to get the best out of it.  This is the second article featuring photos he’s taken with the same camera. At the end there’s a list of Lomography Fisheye 2 Tips and Tricks from Ben.  If you want to know more about the camera then take a look at it here  and the water housing is available here.

For some reason it is a lot harder than it should be to co-ordinate these blog articles, case in point is the photo I received from Ben back in May 2015:

Analogue Heroes

Clearly the intention was there, but it was a few months before they got processed. It’s now taken me about 4 more months to get on a call with him and run through the selection, but it’s finally done.

I caught up with Ben over the phone from his base in Cornwall where he is the marketing legend for Toy Factory Surfboards. If you’re looking for a surfboard then these boards come personally tried and tested by me.

Over to Ben who takes us through some places he’s travelled with the camera:


All these photos were taken on a week’s snowboarding trip I went on with a few buddies and my girlfriend over New Year’s Eve 2014.  I actually got engaged, so it was a very memorable trip for a few reasons!

This was taken at a lake near Annecy on the way up the mountains.  It was so cold, but the lake looks so inviting somehow, just clean and fresh.  I didn’t swim in it.

000034 2

This is near Mirabel at the highest peak of the Three Valleys.  I love the contrasting textures of the snow in the foreground and the mountains in the background.  Somehow it’s all in focus.  The Fisheye 2 is a really simple camera to use, it’s just point and shoot.

000014 2

This is an epic bar right up in the mountains called La Foule Douce which is the place to be.  This was taken on New Year’s Eve and somehow I managed to get a shot of the fireworks going off to bring in the start of the celebrations.  The general rule here is that you start drinking about 3pm and then ski home down the mountains.  This party was crazy – I was standing on a table to get this photo, and you can see everyone is dancing on tables and going berserk!  This photo is just the epitome of apres-ski for me.  I even got the name of the bar in the background.


Another one from La Foule Douce, this was just as the sun was starting to go behind the mountains, and the flare seems to capture the mood.  It’s a bit over-exposed, but that adds a bit of atmosphere to the shot.


Beach:   Most of the holidays I go on involved surfing or snowboarding. Luckily Corinne, my fiancee (now wife), loves both these sports as well.  This trip was to Barbados and we were blessed with sun and surf.

This image was taken in a cave on the north tip of the island.  The water was full of amazing sea anemones that are only found in this cave, and the sea directly outside the opening is where the caribbean meets the atlantic sea.  We were snorkelling in the cave and this photo was taken using the water housing.  I love the reflection of the cave opening on the water.

Analogue Heroes: Mountain, Beach, City

This is a cool-looking flower I saw in our garden.  With these kinds of close-up shots you have to get way, way closer than you’d think when using the fisheye.  I was maybe 10 cms away.


I love trying to get a good double exposure photo every once in a while.  This one worked out pretty well, but sometimes one of the photos is too overexposed.  It helps to have some recollection of what the previous photo was.

000036 copy

Classic rum punch, I like this one because of the colours, and the punch was killer! 000037

This is just a classic beach shot, it’s where the forest meets the sea.  The cloud looks pretty cool and I like texture of the dried leaves on the beach.


This house cat was the coolest.  We were staying just above the surf break “Freights”. I love to take photos of animals, but it is really hard with analogue. This was taken at 6am in the morning and I used the “B” setting to hold open the shutter and let in lots of light.  There’s a slight blur on the cat’s nose, but it stayed still long enough for the photo.  You really have to think about the light when you take analogue photos, it’s so different to digital.

000013 2

In this shot I was actually trying to capture a crab on the beach, but it moved.  I still like the way it turned out though. The sky was amazing in Barbados.  You can also see that pile of seaweed on the beach, there was loads of it getting washed up and after we left we saw photos of it getting up to 8ft high.  Pretty happy we missed that.


This is just a classic beach shot really.  I like the lines of the lifeguard tower and the reflection of the ladder. They’ve got these great looking beach huts all over Barbados, it’s a classic beach feature.

000021 2

City: Sometimes it’s nice to just jump on a cheap flight to a new city and explore.  We didn’t know what to expect from Valencia, but it’s a great city with a beach and great weather.

This photo I like just because of the freshness and the colours.  It really captures the light on a bright spring day in Valencia.


This is one of my favourite shots as I had a plan and it actually worked.  What I did here was use the “B” setting again for a long exposure and held the camera still.  Then at the last second before closing the shutter I moved the camera around to get a speed blur.  Nice and psychedelic result.



This is a photo of The Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia which is cultural and arts exhibition centre.  It’s an amazing looking building, just like a spaceship.  It was late with very low levels of light, so I once again used the “B” setting, but I rested on a helpful bollard to avoid any motion blur this time.



That’s all I got for you really.  I guess to summarise it’s fair to say that the Fisheye 2 is a dynamic and easy to use camera. Wherever you’re going it’s a good companion and it tends to take my favourite shots, they are more atmospheric in some way.

To break out some Lomography Fisheye 2 Tips and Tricks I’d go for these:

  1. Get friendly with the “B” long exposure setting – it allows you to take great photos in lower level light conditions
  2. Double exposures are a unique and fun way to experiment – but try and remember what the last photo was that you took so you get images that work well together
  3. When taking close-ups with the Fisheye get really close to the subject
  4. Plan your photos and practice with different light condition

Aside from those, there’s the obvious “just have fun”.

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