Ultimate Guide to Lomography Specials

Ultimate Guide to Lomography Specials
17/06/2015 Byte9 Systems

Check out these Lomography Specials! These 5 products will get your creative juices flowing or provide you with the perfect gift for that special someone.

Whether you want to dip your toe in the analogue world or spread your wings and try something new and different there is something for you. Here is our rundown on the expansive selection of Lomography Specials – build-your-own cameras, scanners and mini cameras – get involved!

Lomography Specials


The hand cranked silent movie maker. If you’re into vintage arts and the old school way of creating things this analogue movie maker is for you.

LomoKino (10)


Become the director of your own movies with this LomoKino. You can shoot awesome analogue movies of up to 144 frames on any kind of 35mm Film. Choose from Colour Negative, X-Pro, Redscale and/or Black and White movies!

With adjustable aperture, a tripod and a hot-shoe to attach your flash to you can really make this movie your own. The volume display lets you check how to much film you have used and the red flag will pop up when the show is over.

You will be left with a beautiful lo-fi silent movie. The scanning and developing process can be time consuming but if you are willing to invest your time in a new project this LomoKino is for you – you will not be disappointed by the results.

Purchase the LomoKino Handgrip to ensure you have a steady film. Although in my opinion that slight wobble of the hand adds a certain charm to these homemade vids.

FILM: 35mm Film – most common film around and you can choose from different formats and colour scales!

BEST FOR: An experienced analogue user who needs a new challenge to turn their hand to. Encourage them to turn their still frames into motion pictures with this LomoKino.

PRICE: £60.00 – buy it now!

Watch more video examples here to get your creative juices flowing!

Konstructor Camera Super Kit

Yes, your read the title right. You literally Konstruct your own 35mm SLR Camera.

Konstructor Image  (5)


This kit isn’t a simple kinder surprise egg construction – it is a full on build your own camera including the screws, springs and all the other technical bits you’ll need. You put it all together. If you know someone who is a keen photographer and a craftsman this is the perfect gift. And that’s one of the best things about this camera – the price – it is an affordable gift and a steal of an analogue camera.

It includes interchangeable lenses that can shoot as close as 5cm to 15cm and the macro lens allows you to enter the world of super close-up shots! A chimney hood is included so you can get a brighter magnified image-viewing and effortless focusing.

Now the camera, as stated in many reviews, won’t blow you away with its technical ability. But who cares? Its very affordable and you made it! Just look at the pictures it can produce… Amazing. I haven’t seen these results from an Ikea flat pack. Awesome job Lomography – and to you too if you manage a successful creation!

FILM: 35mm – most common film around and you can choose from different formats and colour scales!

BEST FOR: The hands-on-arty. This is the perfect present for anyone who wants to create a masterpiece and then use their masterpiece to create more works of art (and tell everyone how they build their camera from scratch while they are at it!)

PRICE:  £40.00 – buy it now! 

Fisheye Baby 110 (Bauhaus Edition)

Lomography aren’t misrepresenting this camera by calling it ‘Fisheye Baby’ it is truly a baby.

Fisheye Baby 2


A small camera with a big impact. Amaze your friends when you start shooting with this bright and bold toy-like camera. The results – beautiful, soft and dreamy developed pics will astound them further. This camera is the ideal first camera for anyone who wants to branch into analogue photography, the 170-degree fish eye images are a bonus!

It may be small but it does not lack in features. Create beautiful multiple and/or long exposure shots and mix up your shots with the 2 lens options (24mm/12mm). The Fisheye Baby also comes with a PC flash socket which allows for a PC flash adaptor and Hot-Shoe flash attachment.

The Bauhaus Edition with its burst of primary colours is a practical functioning camera as well as the prefect fashion accessory. And at this price you can’t ask for much more!

FILM: 110 Film – simply attach the cartridge and get clicking.

BEST FOR: Beginners who want a portable, easy to shoot analogue camera that will allow them to experiment without overwhelming them with the technicalities. Throw it into your bag, slip it into your pocket or wear as a pendant – and have fun shooting!

PRICE: £38.00 – buy it now! 

Fisheye 2

Like Lomography’s Fisheye 1 but so much better.

Fisheye 2


The Fisheye 2 has the same perfect 170-degree perspective but now has a built in flash. So you can now create dream like images with a stunning fisheye distortion day and night. If you require a even more light in your shot you can also attach another flash to the hot-shoe (the built in flash requires one AA battery, not included in the pack).

With the Fisheye 2 you have the option to take multiple exposure shots and long exposure shots thanks to the uncoupled shutter advance and Bulb setting. It also comes with an optical viewfinder that can be attached to the camera hot-shoe so you can judge the composition more accurately.

Lomography describes this camera to be a “bona-fide Fisheye sensation!”

FILM: 35mm Film – most common film around and you can choose from different formats and colour scales!

BEST FOR: The practical photographer who wants to dabble in the 170-degree world! The fisheye opens up new possibilities through a new viewfinder.

PRICE: £55.00 – buy it now! 

Smartphone Film Scanner

The fastest and most convenient way to get your Lomography shots from film to phone.

Smartphone Scanner


The Smartphone Film Scanner is one of a kind. It is small and compact so you can develop your film anywhere you go. Simply adjust the top layer to fit your phone, slide in the film until you can see your image lit by the scanners backlight, take a photo on your smart phone and move on to the next image. (The scanner does require two AA batteries which are not included in the pack).

Once you have your images on your phone you need to invert the negatives. Lomography have an app to help you do this. The Lomoscanner 2 app also allows you to compile you LomoKino film and stitch together your panoramic shots.

Now you have your images on your phone – in high quality. You can email, Instagram, archive and even print your images off.

BEST FOR: Analogue addicts that like to keep up their profile on social media. This is the perfect treat for people who love shooting with Lomography cameras but either aren’t patient enough to wait for the development of their shots or simply want to get them up on social media.

Alternatively, there are definitely people out there who have films stocked up from the 80s – use the smartphone scanner to see if they are memories worth developing or if they can be discarded.

PRICE: £50.00 – buy it now! 

Like what you see and want to know more? Read our Lomography Guides on their Classic Cameras and Instant Cameras – if you aren’t sure about some of the more technical words check out our Lomography Glossary to get down with the lomo lingo.
If you’re ready to purchase head straight over to Bear & Bear to see our full selection of Lomography Products!

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