Our Favourite Around The Home Wedding Presents for 2018

Our Favourite Around The Home Wedding Presents for 2018
18/05/2018 conor

Wedding season is officially upon us and the pressure of finding the perfect wedding present is on. You could play it safe and buy from the wedding gift list or go rogue and be a hero! We’ve assembled some of our favourite ‘Around the Home’ pieces that will be guaranteed winners with the happy couple.

Ferm Living Ripple Collection

The Ripple collection from Ferm Living incorporates a striking and dynamic rib-like rippled surface with elegant vintage styling. Mix and match for the perfect pressie.

Serax Glass Tea Pot

Inspired by the familiarity and timeless design of the classic glass jar, Serax’s teapot is an understated tea time delight. An ideal present for anyone seeking to add beauty and impeccable style to their home.

Hubsch Black Marble Wall Clock

Featuring a clean, minimal face with only the glimmering imperfections of the black marble on show. The Black Marble Wall Clock is a great wedding present option for the stylish friends in your life.

Schott Zwiesel Wine Glasses

Simply the Rolls Royce of glassware, German manufacturer Schott Zwiesel are widely respected as producing the highest quality crystal glassware on the market. Using their very own revolutionary Tritan® construction that combines crystal glass with a patented finish, Schott Zwiesel has created an almost indestructible finish. You can’t really go wrong with one of the glass sets from Schott Zwiesel – who doesn’t like wine?!

Falcon Enamelware Bake Set

There’s no more iconic bake set than Falcon Enamelware. Ice white with a distinctive blue rim, it is instantly recognisable as a design classic. Now with more colours to choose from, tailor your choice to the bride and grooms preference. 

Fellow Stagg Kettle

The Stagg pour-over kettle by Fellow is designed with a better coffee in mind. If the bride and groom are coffee buffs, they will recognise that a slow pour is crucial from a brewing perspective to ensure a well-rounded, full-bodied cup of coffee. Even if they’re not, we think the Stagg is the most beautiful kettle around.

Tokyo Design Studio Nippon Tea Set

A beautiful tea set complete with charming Japanese inspired teapot and equally unique cups. Striking on the eye, the set features individual blue and white Nippon designs. An elegant and unique present option.

Nkuku Dando Tray

Something for the more rustic types. The Dando Tray combines an antique brass construction with the unique hand-etched detailing for a truly unique centrepiece.

Nomad Society Banana Pancakes Candle

Whilst the scent sounds unique, we can assure you the burning aroma is both decadent and beautiful. Hand-poured in the French seaside surf town of Hossegor, this warming candle fills the room with soft, romantic notes of toasted pecans, sweet maple syrup and caramelized banana.


Lina Johansson New Zealand Wool Blanket Tindra Pink

This beautiful blanket is luxuriously soft and will be a dazzling addition to the newlyweds homestead. The Tindra has a striking graphic and bold geometric design and features colour blocking and long fringing at either end.

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