Streitman ES3 Coffee Maker

Streitman ES3 Coffee Maker
20/05/2015 Byte9 Systems

Aesthetically captivating, wall-mounted espresso machine that redefines the art of coffee-making from Streitman.

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Pretty sure I know what the guys at Strietman have been drinking! Their highly caffeinated ways have resulted in a delightful development in the world of coffee-drinking. This coffee press will take pride of place in your kitchen. It displays shimmering coppery good looks and a plentiful bounty of perfectly executed coffee.

The Streitman ES3 Coffee Maker is “redefining the craft of espresso making” according to the Dutch boys who have worked tirelessly to create this marvel. It has been designed and built to last forever, so bring on the apocalypse, I’m putting on a cuppa and it won’t be tea!


Streitman ES3 Coffe maker 2


The design and manufacturing philosophy has been to highlight all the parts of the coffee maker and allow them to be proudly displayed. Every component has been simplified and this transparent approach is apparent in the very creation of each cup, which is done by hand.

This lever technique was developed in Italy in the 1950’s and rarely used today. By manually pressing a column of hot water though the coffee using a piston, with a little practice you can get the perfect espresso. Don’t mention the word “Nespresso” within 100m of this work of manufacturing elegance as it will self-destruct.  This is a coffee maker to put proudly on display and wow any visitors with.


Streitman ES3 Coffe maker 3


Before you nip down to Argos and try to buy your Streitman ES3 Coffee Maker, we should mention that they are not available at Argos, and they cost €1300. But they look amazing and they last a lifetime, so you only need to drink around 600 coffees from Starbucks to get your payback. If you’re having 2 a day then that’s not even a year of caffeinated living. If you’re not drinking 2 cups of coffee a day, then you should probably stick to tea bags.

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