Sudden Coffee – Quality Coffee in an Instant

Sudden Coffee – Quality Coffee in an Instant
01/08/2016 Isabelle

Sudden Coffee – Quality Coffee in an Instant

Not to be confused with instant coffee, Sudden Coffee provides the immediate convenience of a caffeine hit, but with quality beans and extraordinary taste.  You know those times when you are in need of a pick me up, but there is nothing except low grade muddy water on offer? Sudden Coffee are here to provide that emergency boost.


At Bear & Bear we’d rather go without than settle for bad coffee. We admit it, we are coffee snobs.  Since the London Coffee Festival things have only got worse unfortunately, it seems that the more you know about great coffee, the less you can put up with crap coffee. World Barista Championship competitor Kalle Frees is here to save you from a caffeinated nightmare with his hand-crafted instant alternative Sudden Coffee.

Made from single-origin beans (of course!) from trusted farms and then lightly roasted to bring out notes of citrus, chocolate, and toffee, each cup is individually brewed by hand. The liquid coffee is turned into crystals and packaged into handy little tubes, each making an 8-ounce cup. Once it’s in your hands, mix it with hot or cold water or milk for traditional or iced coffees and lattes. Currently available in monthly subscriptions ranging from 8 to 32 cups.

This innovative approach to creating the coffee makes it a completely different cuppa to the instant coffee that seemed so acceptable until 10 years ago.

How it works:

Sudden Coffee is ready-to-brew instant coffee made from awesome beans. Each tube contains enough coffee for one 8oz / 240ml cup . Just add water or milk!

To Brew:

Heat Water
Stir coffee with 8oz / 240 ml of water
Beyond Drip Coffee

Sudden also goes great with warm/cold milk for a latte – just mix it straight into the milk.


Sudden Coffee is available in 3 different levels of subscription:

WEEKENDER (Presale) – 8 cups a month:  Drink SUDDEN COFFEE on the weekend while you’re cooking your breakfast at home.

COFFEE BREAK (Presale) – 16 cups a month:  Drink SUDDEN COFFEE at work, perfect for your second cup of the day.

THE LIFELINE (Presale) – 32 cups a month:  Drink SUDDEN COFFEE everyday, Pop it in hot water on your way to work, no need to stop for coffee.

As of this month they are all sold out so you’ll have to place your name on the waitlist.  But got to be worth a little investment in waiting now to access incredible coffee in an instant.

Stay caffeinated,

Bear & Bear