Tentsile: Camping in the sky!

Tentsile: Camping in the sky!
12/06/2015 Byte9 Systems

Take your camping experience to a whole new level with Tentsile!

The Situation: We have all had those moments where camping seems like the best idea and you wonder why you don’t do it every weekend. A group of friends sitting round a camp fire, or a romantic evening watching the sunset over the lake… idyllic.

Even through the packing process, the attack of mosquitos and charred hot dogs, you are still convinced it is a great idea… However when the sun finally rises and you glance over at your companion with bleary eyes you both give a slight understanding nod that says ‘nope I didn’t sleep either, this ground is hard, lumpy and what I thought was a little stone actually felt like a large brick by 3am, let’s leave’. So you abandon your camping dream and head back for that orthopaedic mattress and duck down duvet.

The Solution: This sequence of events no longer has to be the case thanks to Tentsile. Tentsile combines your treehouse childhood dream whilst protecting the environment. It’s the definition of a win-win! You get to be suspended in the comfort of a hammock but with the security and structure of a tent. Just find three trees and Tentsile will find its own space inside any acute-angled triangle.

Tentsile (2)

How it began: A combination of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and The Ewok tree village on Endor in the Return of the Jedi. A young Alex made the connection that surely if we lived in a tree village … our rainforests won’t have to be destroyed. Years later as an architect Alex implemented this idea and created Tentsile.

How it works: The Tentsile’s have an adjustable frame of 2.5ton webbing straps, a micro insect mesh roof, and a UV resistant, PU-coated and waterproof polyester fabric fly. The webbing frame is held in tension at each of the three anchor points by being ratcheted tight while internal floor straps divide the space into individual hammocks.

In Tentsile’s case a picture really does speak a thousand words. Check these out:

In case that didn’t convince you we’ve drawn up a quick pros and cons check list:

Pros (compared to a tent):
Comfort of a hammock
Structure and support of a tent
Can be set up anywhere. Regardless of terrain or environment
You can enjoy the stars on a clear night thanks to the removable rainfly
Increased separation from bugs, snakes and other, predators..
3 trees are planted for every hammock brought
You leave no ecological footprint or environmental impact

Cons (compared to a tent):
You may need to bring a scaffolder along with you. In saying this I am assured that everything you need to put up your Tentsile comes with it, including a manual, or alternatively watch the videos below, thoroughly…

If you don’t feel quite ready to go the whole Tentsile mile as it is fairly inTENT’s for beginners, try out our selection of  Grand Trunk Hammocks!

Or find out more about Tentsile here – follow them on Instagram and Twitter (@tentsile) to see where Tenstile can take you! 

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