The Hydro Hammock

The Hydro Hammock
22/01/2016 Byte9 Systems

The Hydro Hammock Lets You Hang Out In The Bath

We thought this was a hoax, but were stunned to find out that a hot tub hammock exists! The Hydro Hammock is a revolutionary invention that allows you to sink into a warm hanging bath wherever you are from beaches to mountains, indoors or outdoors!

Made in Oregon, the Hydro Hammock consists of waterproof high-tensile strength marine quality canvas making this hammock extremely trusty and durable.  It has the capacity of holding up to 50 gallons (190 litres) of water and is the perfect size for two adults. Use it as a suspended pool or a hammock hot tub. It’s probably worth adding the portable heater system so you can enjoy the hot tub experience wherever you camp.

Ready to take the plunge?  Find out more on their website.

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