Top 10 Christmas Gifts £50 – £100

Top 10 Christmas Gifts £50 – £100
05/11/2017 conor

Christmas gifting made easy…

That £50-100 range can be a tricky one, so we’ve picked out 10 of our favourites that are surefire winners. Not going to lie, the marshmallow crossbow is the out and out favourite. Bit we have 9 other awesome presents to please the fam.

A great option for the cyclist in your life, this helmet has been designed with vintage good looks and modern innovations. A bike helmet featuring PopLock anti-theft system, magnetic buckle and multi-vents. This lid is made for the urban explorer and offers excellent protection, fantastic looks and some very useful features all at a great price.

This superlatively slim wallet is perfect for everyday use with two quick access card slots, and a pull tab that gives access to cards you use less regularly. Whilst you will need to fold your bills to fit them in, this allows the wallet to be extremely thin. Perfect for the chap in your life that needs to thin his pocket.

This all-in-one-6-piece accessories kit includes a selection of crucial tech items you need on the move. The Gaucho TechRoll is crafted from premium and durable leather offering a refined and luxurious option for storing tech kit. The Navy and Yellow colour theme is striking and bold, injecting a touch of flair.

A great gift for the budding homemaker, the Nordic Light is as versatile as a candle holder gets. You can fully open this wooden candle holder or fold parts of it away. Every day you can create a slightly different design thus always keeping the aesthetic of your living space interesting.

The classic backpack from Bellroy has been designed to be a dependable and reliable piece for everyday, modern life. Packed to the brim with intuitive features and designs, the Classic Backpack holds everything you could ever need for a busy day. Perfect for uni students, commuters and contemporary city dwellers.

The Alaskan Maker No.547 Apron is an exceptional example of top-class craftsmanship. It has been handcrafted by skilled French artisans, using the finest materials and perfectly combines both striking style and great function.

Create an oasis of relaxation in your home with the Oasis Beanbag… designed for adults as well as the little ones, the ridiculously comfy and supportive bean bag is perfect for lounge hangouts and even garden soiree in the summer. Constructed from OEKO-TEX® certified Havana heavy cotton fabric, the Oasis is superbly soft to the skin and incredibly durable. Pitch up with a cup of your favourite brew and kick back, soaking up the chilled vibes.

The Ultralight YOGO Mat 2.0 is a slim travel mat with a carry handle and origami folding for you to take yoga anywhere. Whether you are doing an intense Ashtanga practice, Restorative yoga, or just a regular workout, the double-sided high traction surface, prevents you from slipping between postures. The ultimate gift for the yogis and fitness enthusiasts who are always on the run.

The Nanopresso is one of our all-time favourite pieces and one of the most innovative beverage gadgets on the market. It’s a hand-powered, portable espresso machine that produces up to 18 bars (261 PSI) of pressure for a rich, bold, creamy espresso with Nespresso® pod adapter. This is the epitome of gifting for any coffee lovers.

The Stagg pour-over kettle by Fellow is designed with a better coffee in mind. Coffee buffs will recognise that a slow pour is crucial from a brewing perspective to ensure a well-rounded, full-bodied cup of coffee. The Stagg kettle features a brew-range thermometer so that you can control the temperature of the water precisely. Plus, the precision-pour spout and counterbalanced handle improve the quality of control.

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