Cycle Powered Coffee – Velopresso!

Cycle Powered Coffee – Velopresso!
29/06/2015 Byte9 Systems

Could the Velopresso be more on trend right now?

Cycling, Coffee and Sustainability combined


This rideable coffee machine has been thoughtfully designed to create a perfect coffee, whilst also being completely mobile.  The fact that it’s transportable in no way effects the incredible cups of artisan coffee that can be brewed by this human-powered tricycle.

The cofounders of Velopresso, Amos Reid and Lasse Oiva, engineered this tricycle so that the main belt works both the bike gears and a specialised coffee grinder. Their espresso machine and grinder are unique designs made to fit and work in harmony with the pedals.  It was a combined love of cycling and coffee that created the Velopresso, and a lot of care has gone into both of these elements.  There is of course power required to make a coffee (unless you want it at room temperature), and LPG was selected as the most renewable source. It is low carbon and clean-burning, and ultimately in the future the plan is that Velopresso will be powered by coffee bean waste. reinforces the fact that if you drink coffee you ride faster. So if you see a Velopresso on your bike route do stop for a top up!


With its old school tricycle charm and the potential to customise the exterior, this is the ideal purchase for any gathering – perfect for city streets and piazzas, at exhibitions and events, in parks and markets.

Now this product will set you back roughly £9,995.00, so if you want to enjoy your coffee, cycling and green lifestyle in other ways, we totally understand. But if you want your own self-powered coffee machine, get in contact with them: 

In the meantime, why not check out our travel coffee brewer and bicycle shop?


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