WohnGeist Tool Set

WohnGeist Tool Set
05/08/2015 Byte9 Systems

The WohnGeist Tool Set: 24 piece tool kit to keep for generations

When it comes to attention to detail and fine craftsmanship Swiss artisans set a fine example and one company we’ve come to appreciate is WohnGeist.  Originally founded two decades ago, this small business flourished with a reputation for high quality products. Their latest creation fresh out of the machine shop is this elegant 24 piece tool set.  This should ensure that anything you’re planning on building is achievable, and it looks impeccably stylish:

This WohnGeist Tool Set includes a ruler, chisel, file, hammer, multi-tool, multiple drivers, wrenches, and more, all made with tender loving care by the folks at WohnGeist.  There will be no repair job or carpentry project that you won’t be able to complete with it. Plus, you can take it with you wherever you go in a suitably stylish carry case!  Thanks to the incorporated magnets, all the tools are held in place so they don’t spill all over your workstation or home studio.


The tool handles are crafted from Swiss pear wood which resists warping and splintering when exposed to moisture so your hands can feel safe and sound.  The tools are exquisitely housed in the carrying case made from the same wood and finished off with leather handles.  This is the true essence of craftsmanship!


This is probably more for the accomplished carpenter than the have-a-go-hero, but it’s sure to inspire anyone with a hint of the woodsman (or woman!) about them to pick up sticks. Perhaps Dad’s birthday is around the corner and he’s just retired and bought you a house…  then this Tool Set will be the greatest thank you gift ever.  While it does have an eye popping price tag of £1,995.00, the detail that has gone in to each tool in this set making it as functional as its gorgeous and made to a last a lifetime and beyond….it’s kind of justifiable.  This is a DIY kit that will be passed down through generations.

If you’ve already got a set of tools and are looking for something a little lighter on the wallet, then we have this Tool Roll from Filson just in £81:



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